Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use CSV Studio to convert a file between two different CSV formats?

CSV Studio has a flexible grammar and can ingest CSV files in any major format and export them to RFC 4180 compliant CSV.

Is there a size limit for the CSV files?

No. CSV Studio has been designed as a streaming parser that can install directly on your data server, so there is no bottleneck to transfer very large files.

Are there errors that CSV Studio cannot auto-correct?

CSV Studio has been optimized specifically to auto-correct errors that result from dumping large SQL tables directly into CSV, or from using a non-standard CSV document format. It does this very well with near 100% accuracy. But there are other scenarios that can result in badly formatted CSV files, which CSV Studio is not yet able to auto-correct. If this occurs please contact us, share your file and tell us how it was created.

How much work is necessary to correct a large CSV file?

It is quite easy. CSV Studio can perform corrections by itself with no human input - the current user interface is primarily for exploring the data and for verification. Human input is only needed for verifying corrections on critical data where 100% accuracy is required.

How does the error correction work?

It uses the same simple but powerful algorithm as a chess program. It evaluates the state of the parse and plans its next move by exploring the space of possible corrections.

How can I test CSV Studio?

A limited version of CSV Studio is now online as a Proof of Concept. This prototype has limitations, which we plan to address with user feedback and develop a SaaS version to upload and process files in a secure cloud.


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