About CSV Studio

The concept behind CSV Studio is to use machine learning techniques to improve data management.

Photo of Francois Barbanson

Francois Barbanson

Francois’ main research interest is to apply Machine Learning techniques to solve Data Management problems. After getting his PhD, Francois worked for SQL Server and Palantir Technologies. He created CSV Studio to provide a critical piece of infrastructure needed by data engineers everywhere.

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Photo of Nikita Kakuev

Nikita Kakuev

Nikita is a web developer specializing in full stack javascript. He has a M.Sc. in International Marketing and experience in consumer research and UX design. Nikita is responsible for the architecture of the browser client in CSV Studio.

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Photo of Annika Oeser

Annika Oeser

Annika specializes in visual and user interface design and is passionate about great user experiences. Currently working as a freelance designer, Annika is in charge of CSV Studio's visual identity.

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